Milford Asset Management and NZME launch groundbreaking media partnership

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AUCKLAND, Today: New Zealand Media and Entertainment (NZME) and Milford Asset Management have teamed up in an innovative, multi-channel partnership.

For the first time, Milford Asset Management will integrate their brand and expertise into bespoke placements on the NZ Herald app, extending across the NZ Herald digital network. This partnership also spans NZME’s business and digital audio platforms, creating a truly integrated experience.

Milford aims to position itself as the market leader in KiwiSaver performance and highlight their award-winning investment team.

“This partnership genuinely has it all,” says Greg McCrea, NZME Head of Agency Sales. “From media-first placements to content experiences at every relevant touchpoint across New Zealand’s leading integrated media company. Our award-winning agency sales team has delivered a world-class partnership for our valued agency and client partner, and we can’t wait to see this in action.”

“We are always looking for innovation and ‘firsts’ in our strategic planning.”

Milford’s Chief Marketing Officer, Sarah Norrie, adds: “At Milford, we understand the importance of integrated media channel layering with innovative strategies to keep our messaging targeted and relevant.

“By leveraging a multi-channel approach, we can share our message across various platforms in the NZME channel suite and tailor our content to fit each medium’s strengths.”

“We are always looking for innovation and ‘firsts’ in our strategic planning,” says Norrie. “By collaborating with the team at NZME, along with the strategic foresight of our brilliant media partner, D3, we are excited to have achieved that.”

Milford Asset Management will also feature in content segments across NZME’s audio network, using radio brand hosts to create tailored content with Milford’s trusted experts.

Richard Thompson, Co-Founder and Partner at D3, says: “We are delighted to partner with NZME for this activity. This partnership centres around integration and content that adds value through Milford’s expertise.

“This collaboration reflects Milford’s commitment to standout performance, both in terms of their products and how they communicate with customers.”

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