Mobile ads ‘infuriate readers’

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Readers hate all the ads on digital screens, according to the ceo of Australia’s Newspaper Works, the outfit that markets the Aussie dailies.

Mark Hollands, reported on the B&T website, says that newspapers are here to stay, have got better engagement than ever and may become the “love-child of the future”.

Hollands says consumers are getting annoyed with the constant bombardment of intrusive ads on screens where they read their “snacky” news, and says that newspapers and long-form journalism may be offered in a variety of futuristic formats.

“It may well turn out that newspapers become the love-child of 2045,” he said. “Maybe we’ll be reading them on holograms inserted in our brain, who knows, but they’re not going anywhere.

“Mobile is massive at the moment but we all know that it’s a lightening engagement, snacky, type of environment. You can do your Facebook or whatever, but you’re never going to be able to have a decent argument across the dinner table based on what you discovered on your mobile.

“The good thing about about newspapers is that they’re not disruptive and we’re getting higher engagement levels than ever.”

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