Mobile in NZ up 22%

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AUCKLAND, Thursday: The IAB has released its 2019 Digital Advertising Revenue Report, showing total mobile growth (smartphone and tablet) is up 22.5% on the previous year – and just over 25% in Q4 2019.

“It is encouraging to see mobile spend and consumption growing, outpacing total digital advertising revenue,” said IABNZ ceo Gill Stewart.

The report featured at today’s NZ Mobile Advertising Council panel event, Mobile Tracking, Measurement & Attribution, sponsored by NZME and held at NZME HQ in Auckland.

Council chair Michael Buhagiar (Big Mobile) moderated the panel discussion with digital strategist Toni, NZME’s Charlotte Bell, FCB digital media GM James Butcher, Google ANZ mobile UX lead James Hayes, and Integral’s Katy McNally. 

A survey undertaken late last year by 28 agencies and 50 brands across New Zealand and completed by 185 individuals across a range of roles and responsibilities, was presented and the findings discussed.

“We posed some challenging questions, but feel the panel responded well.”

In summary, key take-outs from the discussion were:

  • While we are moving forward as an industry with third party reporting tools to verify results, widely used metrics haven’t evolved as quickly as we would expect. There is, however, a common goal to look at the broader outcomes across all media.
  • Brands and agencies face challenges with creative formats; however, they can deliver personalised messaging by utilising first party data sets and innovative formats that report on user engagement, and brand metrics that aren’t available with other mediums.
  • Third-party cookies have been a hot topic leading into 2020, however this isn’t new, with Safari not allowing third party tracking for some time. This is an opportunity for brands and agencies to develop and utilise existing 1st party data to create the personalised consumer experience with shared KPIs across multiple mediums.
  • In-app inventory isn’t as open in reporting terms as browser options, but we’ve seen the data available for targeting can be utilised to reach audiences effectively. This comes back to understanding objectives and setting expectations on the outcomes you wish to achieve.

‘The event was a great success with a fully engaged audience interacting with our panel of experts,” Stewart said.

Michael Buhagiar said: “We posed some challenging questions but feel the panel responded well and there is an exciting future ahead in mobile and digital advertising.”

The report is compiled from a survey conducted independently by Baker Tilly Staples Rodway on behalf of IABNZ each quarter. All-inclusive, the report includes data reflecting online advertising revenue from 15 NZ online publishers across their websites and commercial online services.

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