Moth moves on from Prodigy

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Moth Projects, the Sydney & Auckland-based producer that took over from Prodigy Films in June, is setting up its new website (still under construction). The new company sees Jonathan Samways, who ran Prodigy for 15 years, team up with Sydney-based director/DOP Jeff Darling and Darling’s executive producer Sarah Blair.

“Jeff is one of the most brilliant directors anywhere in the world – which is why I wanted to work with him,” Samways told M+AD. “We see ourselves as a creative project company, rather than just a film producer.”

“As a visual storyteller,” says Darling, “what I look for in scenarios is a language that goes deeper, emotionally connects and in doing so the sum of the whole will not only tell stories but make us embrace them, feel them.

“My approach is to immediately go inside scenes in order to capture those moments that truly telegraph that feeling, that idea. The more I explore filmmaking the more this approach has revealed itself as a way to find a true centre.

“Filmmaking is very much a response to the moment and I am always hunting for that stimulation of ideas, of place, of people, of change, as the core to evolvement.”

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