Moustache Republic shaped Yellow’s digital presence

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AUCKLAND, Today: North Shore-based e-commerce solutions provider Moustache Republic claims it’s the first company in the world to use new Checkout SDK technology to implement an updated e-commerce platform for iconic Kiwi brand Yellow. 

Moustache Republic MD Tony Hou said (via a release from Pead PR): “The recently rebranded Yellow required an online revamp to meet new demands in providing digital marketing solutions, and Checkout SDK enabled us to meet Yellow’s needs. 

“The challenge we faced with Yellow was to transition their existing ‘offline’ customers, products and services into a new, online digital self-service marketing environment. 

“After seeing the opportunity to explore new digital offerings, we became the first in the world to use Checkout SDK technology. This technology changes the potential for businesses online.”

Checkout SDK allowed Moustache Republic to create a highly customised and configurable checkout page process, enabling them to fully customise every pixel of Yellow’s e-commerce experience. 

Yellow CMO Bruce Pilbrow said: “We needed to create a platform that delivered a simple, understandable way to meet our customers’ needs and the new Checkout SKD offering really helped us step up in this sector.”

“All businesses should be offering a frictionless experience for customers.”

Changing consumer expectations and an ever-increasing need for efficiencies means even within the last year best practice for user experience has changed quite radically. Hou suggests all businesses should be offering a frictionless experience for customers.

“We know the importance of a seamless checkout experience for our clients and their customers, and after working with Yellow, we’re looking forward to implementing this technology for more Kiwi companies to vastly improve their platforms,” he said.

The use of Checkout SDK technology by Moustache Republic has resulted in the company receiving an international award from Big Commerce for problem solving.

Checkout SDK offers these attributes:

  • The need for a customised, unique customer checkout experience.
  • Checkout SDK offers maximum flexibility in terms of customising the user experience, as well as the ability to integrate with third party services. It also allows enterprise level merchants the ability to leverage the many benefits of an e-commerce solution yet maintain the advantages of a flexible and customised user experience.
  • Avoiding users having to sign-up and re-register across multiple platforms
  • Creating a ‘Single-sign-on’ functionality is important to develop a fully integrated system across platforms. This greatly improves the user experience across multiple platforms and additionally offers a ‘seamless’ environment for cross-platform data use, display and migration for consumers.
  • Eliminating user interface ‘friction’
  • A major part of creating a great user experience is to remove as much friction as possible for consumers along the decision and buy journey.

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