Dark Net defiance

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AUCKLAND, Today: Most major political parties are defying the Facebook boycott, and continue to plug their Election 2020 policies on the social site.

  • National $25,100
  • Labour $92,000
  • NZ First $700
  • ACT $14,200
  • Greens $6400

NZ Herald business journo Chris Keall wrote: “For Election 2020, Facebook NZ has required any political parties to sign up to its new transparency tool if they want to advertise on its platform.

“The social network has hailed its move as a bold new era of openness, while technology commentator Paul Brislen says it merely brings Facebook into compliance with the Electoral Act requirement for all political advertising to be identifiable as such.

Aro Digital ‘did the hard yards’
“In any case, results on its transparency page are broad and not easy to summarise, but Wellington marketing agency Aro Digital has done the hard yards and filled in a couple of blanks with its own well-informed estimates to come up with tables for the biggest-spending and most active political parties on Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagram from May 12 to July 27.

  • Read the full story (and view the Aro Digital graphics) here

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