Multi-national team finishes nectar ad in NZ

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Yukfoo NZ has collaborated with celebrated NSW-based director Tracey Rowe via Lithuanian production company Grandma, Grey Lynn’s Blockhead and Vienna agency DMB on a spot for Austrian honey producer Darbo.

This new spot features a cast of comely young women in bee costume flying on a dangerous mission in search of the purest pollen for Darbo Honey.

“There is something magical about collaborative projects and it’s great to be part of a team that brings such a diversity of skills to the table,” said Yukfoo director Alan Dickson. “Watching a project like this unfold from conception to completion is immensely satisfying.

“It’s not often that the artists at Yukfoo have the opportunity to get the brushes out on a project but to ensure that we got the watercolour look just right each frame of the animation was carefully hand-painted before being scanned and composited into the final film.


Client: DARBO
Agency: DMB , Vienna, Austria
Creative Director: Franz Merlicek
Production Company: Grandma, Vilnius, Lithuania
Director: Tracey Rowe
Producer: Bonnie Fay
DOP: Mike Molloy
Post Production: Blockhead, New Zealand
Illustration/Animation: Yukfoo, New Zealand

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