Mum’s Wish picks up where Pop’s Gift left off

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A year on from the launch of Lotto NZ’s successful Pop’s Gift campaign, DDB has unveiled its spiritual successor, Mum’s Wish.

This new Lotto Powerball story revolves around a close-knit family of four siblings who come together at their childhood home to fulfil a strange last request from their late mother. What looks like a get-your-hands-dirty job to get the house ready for sale, turns out to be something entirely unexpected.

DDB chief creative officer Damon Stapleton says the 90-second film is a continuation of Lotto NZ’s ‘Imagine’ brand platform launched (scroll down to view Pop’s Gift) in July 2015, which is once again directed by the award-winning Steve Ayson from The Sweet Shop.

“This whole journey began with a key insight,” Stapleton said. “We’ve all dreamed of what we would do if we ever ‘won big’ — pay off mortgages, chuck in the day job, take amazing holidays and so on.

“But would we really? We found out through talking to Lotto NZ that the reality of what big winners do is quite different – they instead chose to help others, friends and family.”

Lotto winners demonstrated that the real power of Lotto isn’t that it gives you money – what it really gives you is unlimited time, freedom and choice.

“We wanted to tell the Lotto story that inspires players to dream, which is not really about material wealth – it’s about the possibility of how lives might be changed for the better,” Stapleton said.

Powerful insight
Using this powerful insight, Lotto committed to a shift away from focusing on the ‘winning moment’ and instead inspiring Kiwis to dream.

Lotto NZ chief marketing officer Guy Cousins said this move has bought the emotion back into the brand. “We believe Kiwis care more about the intangibles of time, freedom and choice than material wealth and this has really been bought to life, first by Pop’s Gift and now Mum’s Wish.

“Over the past year, there has been a significant lift in sales performance. More people have been playing Lotto more often and the brand has been strengthened.”

Stapleton said: “I think these results highlight the truth of what we’ve been saying for some time: Making an emotional connection with your consumers in a way that resonates and feels true is the key to driving growth for any brand.”

The Sweet Shop NZ managing director Fiona King said: “What I loved most about this script was the original concept of such a bold and heartfelt gesture by the mother.

“It offered the opportunity to develop a strong emotional narrative. Once again, this was a true collaborative partnership with DDB that allowed us to make a film that brought to life how lives can be changed by Lotto. We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.”


Client: Lotto NZ
Chief Marketing Officer: Guy Cousins
Head of Brand and Communications: Keri Merrilees
Agency: DDB
Chief Creative Officer: Damon Stapleton
Executive Creative Director: Shane Bradnick
Creative Director: Mike Felix
Creative Director: Brett Colliver
Lead Business Partner: Zoe Alden
Lead Business Partner: Nikki McKelvie
Business Director: Jaheb Barnett
Chief Strategy Officer: Rupert Price
Executive Planning Director: Lucinda Sherborne
Executive Producer: Judy Thompson
Assistant Producer: Nikita Kearsley
Production Company: The Sweet Shop
Managing Director: Fiona King
Producer: Larisa Tiffin
Director: Steve Ayson
DOP: Lachlan Milne
Post Production: The Sweet Shop
Post production online: Palace Studio
Editor: Simon Price, The Sweet Shop
Music: Soundtree, London

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