bcg2, Mindshare, PPR combo for Nando’s

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The major brand awareness campaign launched in October includes global creative and has been adapted for New Zealand, with a new education layer to help Kiwis better understand what Nando’s is all about and to get more of us to try its world-famous, grilled PERi-PERi chicken.

The release also speaks to how the three agencies competitively pitched and secured Nando’s as a client together.

Nando’s New Zealand has launched a brand awareness campaign featuring global video and creative – adapted to reflect the brand’s position in New Zealand, supported by a locally originated strategy that combines the talents of three agencies.

The original Nando’s UK creative explores the story of Nando’s signature Peri-Peri flavour as the heart and soul of the Nando’s brand, direct from its birthplace – Southern Africa.

The region’s art, music and cuisine combine to tell the story of the Nando’s African Birds Eye chilli.

After a competitive agency pitch earlier in 2017 a trio of new agency partners calling themselves Level 12 (a trio including PR agency PPR, creative/digital agency bcg2/black and media agency Mindshare, housed under one roof in the CBD) has collaborated on Nando’s.

“A trio of new Auckland-based agency partners calling themselves Level 12 is collaborating on Nando’s.”

“We are excited about this partnership’s potential for our business and the brand in New Zealand,” said Nando NZ marketing manager Michal Evans.

“The knowledge, understanding and vision of this team were obvious in the pitch.

“Working with such a tight-knit team of agency partners means all elements of the campaign have come together seamlessly.”

Level 12 emerged within WPP’s Group M offering and takes its name from the top floor of their Auckland offices.

“Horizontality is the business model we’re using to great effect and it’s delivering rewards for agencies and clients alike,” said PPR MD Louise Paul.

“There’s an intuitive and collaborative feeling to the work being produced for Nando’s and I’m excited about the momentum we’re building for their business.”

bcg2 MD Michael Jarvis said: “Many Kiwis are yet to experience and understand what makes Nando’s so unique – it’s grilled Peri-Peri chicken deliciousness.

“The global creative is engaging work that will raise awareness of the brand in New Zealand. But our local market challenge is to drive a deeper understanding of what Nando’s stands for and create engagement opportunities for Kiwis to try it for themselves.”

Mindshare MD Samantha Osborne said: “We love working with what feels like a true partnership across the agency and client team. It’s what Mindshare is about – open source and collaborative.”

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