Red Seal celebrates 100 years with It Takes Time via Supernormal and Studio Nash

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AUCKLAND, Monday: Health-product provider Red Seal – with creative agency Studio Nash, production company Supernormal, and Slingshot Media – have launched a new campaign, which highlights innovations across Oral Care, their largest category.

Red Seal GM Jez Hawkins said: “In this modern health-conscious world, it’s hard to believe that one of New Zealand’s best loved, most iconic health and wellness brands is celebrating 100 years.

“The story began in 1923 in a modest store on Upper Symonds Street, where William T Anderton opened his natural wellness store.

“Anderton founded the company with a powerful belief – given what it needs, the human body strives involuntarily to correct ill health.

“The brand’s modern day take on Anderton’s founding idea is remarkably simple – “When you put incredible in, you get incredible out.

“Studio Nash and Supernormal, with director Laura Sargisson, worked alongside Red Seal to create a memorable campaign for this household name.”

Director Laura Sargisson said: “Red Seal is a company that exudes thoughtfulness and trust. They don’t need to make wild claims or engage in scare tactics.

“It was a challenge to showcase Red Seal’s extensive product range, but we came up with a clever solution – a rotating set that symbolises the evolution of the brand.”

“Our goal was to create a unique look and feel in the health and wellness space by taking a fresh perspective with a first-person approach.

“The shoot itself was incredibly technical, and we had to be meticulous in our craft to ensure everything looked perfect. We spent a ton of time in pre-production, collaborating with HODs to carefully craft each scene & shot, right through to VFX testing.

“It was a real challenge to showcase Red Seal’s extensive product range over the years, but we ultimately came up with a clever solution; a rotating set that symbolises the passage of time and the evolution of the brand”.

“In a world where every product promises instant overnight results, the Red Seal brand ad showcases a truth that we all acknowledge deep down. If we want to achieve anything worthwhile – it takes time, it takes effort and it takes consistency.

Studio Nash ECD Dave Nash said: “Incredible doesn’t happen overnight – it’s the natural evolution of the brand’s positioning of ‘incredible inside’ and reflects William T Anderton’s original founding belief.”

TV, On Demand, Social
Media used in the campaign include TV, On Demand, and Social.


Client: Red Seal
Executive General Manager: Jez Hawkins
Global Head of Marketing: Alicia Fenwick
Marketing Manager, Brand: Ben Cull
Brand Activation & Insight Manager: Nicola Ross
Content & Digital Marketing Executive: Audrey Nata

Agency: Studio Nash
Executive Creative Director: Dave Nash
Copywriter: Connan James
Art Director: Dave Nash
Senior Account Director: Lauren Clapcott
Social Media Director, Content & Creators: Ash Lynch
Social Media, Senior Account Manager: Courtenay Clark
Head of Studio & Design: Gary Butcher

Media: Slingshot Media
CIO / Partner: Simon Corbett
Strategy Director: Molly Blacker
Strategist: Sophie Gallagher
Senior Implementation Planner: Louise Laumberg
Media Assistant: Florence Gleeson‑Cook

Production Company: Supernormal
Director: Laura Sargisson
Executive Producer: Matt McKenzie
Producer: Amanda Summersby
Head of Business Development: Al Keating
DOP: Mason Bennett
Offline Editor: Archie Porter
Online/VFX: Stu Bedford (The Machine Room)
Colourist: Mikee Carpinter
Audio: Craig Matuschka (Liquid Studios)

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