The great escape

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AUCKLAND, Today: Phantom Billstickers National Poetry Day Poetry “escapes into the wild” in just over a fortnight – on Friday 26 August.

Now in its 25th year, National Poetry Day is a poetry extravaganza with a line-up of over 100 events.

“Poetry in Aotearoa used to go silently between the covers of books or was recited by a select few in pubs – sometimes even followed by fisticuffs,” said writer Nicole Titihuia Hawkins . 

“Now it’s for everyone. Poetry Day makes poetry accessible, up and down the country, in public spaces, on marae, online, on lampposts, and yes, in bookshops and pubs.”

“Poetry in Aotearoa used to be recited by a select few in pubs – sometimes even followed by fisticuffs.”

Phantom Billstickers ceo Robin McDonnell said: “Life is short. Existence is wonderful.

“If a street poster on a dull day surprises you with some wonderful words, that day has just been improved. At Phantom Billstickers, we feel that’s part of our job description.

“What better way to celebrate such creativity than a day given over to poetry?

“That’s why we’re proud sponsors and passionate supporters of Phantom Billstickers National Poetry Day.

“Want to promote an event or make a brand famous? Phantom’s 6500 frames are at your service. Call 0800 PHANTOM or email to find out how Phantom can help you stand out.”

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