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AUCKLAND, Today: Some things never change. Henry Newrick – who founded National Business Review in 1970 – still has print & publishing in his blood. And – after 22 years in the UK – he still spells his hometown Whanganui the old-fashioned way (without the ‘h’).

Now he’s back home with ambitious plans to launch the first Summer edition of his new glossy quarterly magazine, Senior Living, which will go to a remarkable 1.365 million homes in New Zealand.

Google Henry Newrick and your search will throw up everything from publisher to marketer, author, art dealer, treasure hunter and more.

The man who has been described as a “mercurial entrepreneur”, and has lived and worked around the world, is back in Whanganui where he grew up.

Now in his early 70s, and with a career which ranges from founding NBR at the age of 23 to advising a company that hunted for lost treasure on Spanish wrecks in the waters of Antigua and Barbuda, you’d think Newrick might be back home to retire and put his feet up.

“No way,” he says. “I’m engaged in a number activities locally.

“Last year I published a substantial coffee table book on Wanganui and then early this year purchased a possum fur business which I rebranded as Painaway.

“One of our greatest fans is Mahe Drysdale who, without our product , would not have been able to enter the Olympics, let alone win gold.

“However, publishing has always been in my blood and lacking suitable media (one or two exceptions) to promote Painaway I decided to (a) create my own medium and (b) realise a long-held ambition which was to have a publication that goes to virtually every home in New Zealand – all 1,365,000 of them.

Google ‘Henry Newrick’ and your search will throw up everything from publisher to marketer, author, art dealer, and treasure hunter.”

“Accordingly we plan to launch early December the first issue of Senior Living which will go to 280,000 homes in the more affluent suburbs of Auckland. The second issue goes to another block of 280,000 homes and so on.

“Over any four issues and 12 months we’ll reach 1.365 million homes.

“Full information can be found at www.SeniorLivingNZ.com where I discuss the publications and also answer head-on various queries that might arise.

“Our rates are extremely affordable – as little as $3.30 per 1000 for a Directory ad. A regular full page costs just $4970 for 280,000 copies … vs. $7200 for a page in Metro with a circulation of just over 9000.

“And, even better, unlike some publications we even pay agency commission of 10%.

“In addition to the print version we’ll also be producing an online Flip book with ‘live’ links in all ads so that readers only have to click on a link to be taken directly to the advertiser’s web page.

Wanted: Sales reps

“In the meantime I’m looking for a couple of sales reps to work with me on this exciting new publication (a first in NZ publishing).

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