NBR out of ink

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AUCKLAND, Today: The National Business Review has canned its weekly print edition and moved to a fully digital-based subscription.

The paper has yet to officially confirm the change – but publisher/owner Todd Scott (a renowned Twitterer) let the news slip yesterday in a Twitter posting.

He did not specifically blame the current pandemic, but his message was clear: “The NBR is a long way off from any Government assistance,” he wrote.

“Our paper has been shut, all our resources refocused, and we have doubled down on NBR online.

“Our paper has been shut down, all of our resources have been refocused, and we have doubled down on NBR online.

“My wife and I have put everything into @TheNBR to ensure you have access to business news you can use today, for tomorrow.

“We are all in this together. Please be kind.”

NBR had recently released a mobile app, but this was not successful, and is now being pulled, with all its content transferred to a smartphone-only subscription.

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