Neon’s streaming success with ad launch

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AUCKLAND, Today: Neon has launched as New Zealand’s first SVOD platform with premium digital advertising, attracting over 50 major brands. The world’s top content is now paired with strategic advertising, marking a significant achievement.

The platform ensures a premium viewer experience with less than a minute of ads per hour and low repetition. This approach maintains high viewer attention and offers advertisers a valuable environment.

Sky’s Head of Sales Ben Gibb commented, “We are incredibly proud to launch the first SVOD platform in NZ to offer an ad solution, creating what we believe is one of New Zealand’s most premium advertising environments. The support from agencies and advertisers has been amazing and we’d like to thank everyone who has jumped onboard.”

“We are incredibly proud to launch the first SVOD platform in NZ to offer an ad solution.”

Upcoming on Neon are new seasons of popular shows including Fargo, True Detective, and Belgravia: The Next Chapter. 2024 promises new releases like House of the Dragon and The Handmaid’s Tale, keeping viewers engaged.

Leigh Benvie of McDonald’s NZ praised the innovative advertising model, stating, “We were excited to be the first video advertising partner with Neon on this new format, extending our reach with Kiwi’s wherever they are over the summer period”.

Following the launch, several campaigns have gone live. Hamish Roderick from OMD noted the excitement among clients for this new advertising opportunity on NZ’s first SVOD platform.

Sky encourages brands seeking innovative advertising solutions to consider Neon. Reach out to your Sky Account Manager for this unique opportunity.

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