NZ coffee giant imports its latest ad campaign

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Auckland – Nespresso’s latest advertising campaign shines a spotlight on the women behind its coffee, sharing the stories of its female agronomists in Ethiopia.

The ad was written and produced in Africa by Nespresso’s global (including NZ) creative agency JWT Worldwide, and the word was spread in NZ by Pead PR and MediaCom NZ.

The stories aim to reveal how Nespresso is helping female agronomists to train in quality sustainable coffee farming techniques through its AAA Sustainable Quality Program, and the impact their work is having on coffee quality and local communities.

The Pead release helpfully points out that Agronomists “are experts in soil management, environmental conservation and crop production”.

“We wanted to bring their stories to coffee drinkers in NZ to help them understand what’s behind the coffee they enjoy every day.”

As well as helping to improve gender imbalance in the traditionally male-dominated coffee industry, many of the women are supporting their families financially and acting as role models to other girls and women in their rural communities.

This follows last year’s global Nespresso campaign, which focused on the personal stories of three Colombian coffee farmers it works with, sharing the consequences of the company’s choice to ensure a sustainable coffee economy.

NZ country manager John Ciaglia said: “Nespresso is proud to be leading the way in creating initiatives that encourage more women to participate in coffee farming. Not only are these women improving coffee production, they’ve become role models for other women. We wanted to bring their stories to coffee drinkers in New Zealand to help them understand what is behind the coffee they enjoy every day. In the end, we believe that we are the choices we make.”

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