Nespresso’s new ad – starring Colombia farmers + narrater, George Clooney – arrives in NZ

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Premium-portioned coffee brand Nespresso has released its newest advertising campaign in New Zealand, featuring the personal stories of three of its Colombian coffee farmers.

The Choices We Make global campaign, out of JWT Worldwide, narrated by George Clooney, offers a rare glimpse into the lives of Humberto, Luis Miguel and Esteban, revealing how they have benefited from the creation of a Community Mill in Jardin, made possible by the work of the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality Programme and a local cooperative.

Through this programme, created in 2003, Nespresso works directly with farmers to create sustainable coffee farming practices that increase coffee quality, farmers’ productivity and the viability of their farms.

This is the first time Nespresso has told the stories of its famers in a global campaign, sharing the consequences of the company’s choice to ensure sustainability is a priority. Through a combination of stunning imagery and personal storytelling, the campaign embraces the real lives, stories and faces of some of its farmers.

Working directly with farmers in Colombia, Nespresso built a community mill, where farmers could bring their coffee cherries and have them transformed into coffee beans in the most consistent and qualitative way.

Farmers were now able to generate more revenue thanks to their higher quality coffee, as well as saving precious time since the processing was centralised, and not happening on their farms.

NZ view
NZ country manager John Ciaglia said: “We made the choice to preserve the best quality through a sustainable approach and, as these heart-warming stories demonstrate, this choice has had amazing consequences for our farmers and their communities.

“We wanted to bring their stories to coffee drinkers in New Zealand to help them understand what is behind the coffee they enjoy every day. In the end, we believe that we are the choices we make.”


Client: Nespresso global & New Zealand
Creative Agency: J Walter Thomson Worldwide
NZ Public Relations: Pead PR
Creatives: Lucan Peon, Jacqui Stecher, Rob Bovington, Stephen Webley, Adam Rimmer, Pete Davies, Darren Beard, Jules Mortimore, Lauren Harrington and Tony Cianci.
TVC production: The main films were directed by CRIC. This Italian duo, Davide Mardegan and Clemente De Muro, made a splash with their 2011 directorial debut, taking home a Cannes Lion for Poste Italiane.
Media agency: MediaCom NZ

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