Neurological Foundation unveils fresh angle for 2024 brand drive

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AUCKLAND, Today: The Neurological Foundation’s teaming up once more with the folks at Contagion for their 2024 campaign. It’s crucial stuff because a third of Kiwis face neurological conditions during their lives. That makes funding for research more important than ever right now.

They’re out to let everyone know about the Foundation and the top-notch researchers it supports, thanks to the generosity of the New Zealand public. Our Kiwi scientists are leading the world with their breakthroughs, offering new hope to those affected.

“Investing in neurological research is not just funding science; it’s investing in hope for the one in three Kiwis grappling with neuro conditions. Every dollar invested isn’t just a contribution; it’s a step towards breakthroughs that redefine lives. The cost of research is high, but the return is immeasurable—progress, understanding, and the promise of a brighter future. Working with the Contagion team, who really understand the urgent need for awareness and support, continues to be a wonderful partnership for the Foundation,” Kerry McLeod, Head of Supporter Relations, passionately states.

“This project was deeply personal to me as someone close to me was born with a neurological condition.”

Anita Jacobsen, Art Director on the project, reflects, “This project was deeply personal to me as someone close to me was born with a neurological condition. The world isn’t as straightforward for them, and witnessing their daily challenges and small victories inspired the direction of this campaign.”

Contagion Media orchestrated the national campaign. Rebecca Lloyd, GM of Media, elaborates, “To complement radio, digital audio, display and social, which will deliver broad awareness and encourage donations, we have partnered with NZME to create and amplify stories on the revolutionary research being funded and how it makes a tangible difference in healthcare in New Zealand, giving these researchers the hero status they deserve.”

The campaign’s organisation fell under the watchful eye of Contagion Account Director, Daniel Tsui. He reflects, “It’s been our privilege to work with the Neurological Foundation team. They have been supporting vital research for over 50 years, and we wanted to create a campaign that helps NZ understand the impact they’ve likely had on our friends and family’s lives.”


Client: Neurological Foundation
Creative: Contagion
Media: Contagion Media

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