New agency focus on digital content marketing

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Auckland senior admen Ron Sneddon and Brendan Jarvis have formed a digital content marketing agency, Story. Ron Sneddon is a media expert who’s ex Mr Smith; he also currently owns media strategy agency Super. Jarvis owns digital marketing agency The Space In Between. The pair say their new shop fills a big gap.

“While a lot has changed in the digital age, we believe story telling is the very essence of great communications,” says Sneddon. “But brands need to think about creating relevant content and less about advertising campaigns.”

“Let’s face it, consumers have a very low level of engagement when a company waxes on about celebrating their birthday or doing a St Paddy’s day special.”

Story manages a team of writers, videographers and editors creating content for clients’ digital and social media platforms. It has set up five services, which clients can pick and choose. These are content strategy, creation and management, content amplification and analytics. With the clients, they’ll map out a strategy with the right creative territories and mix of channels.

They’ve been joined by account manager Laura Surrich – brought over from The Space in Between – and Story already has eight content creators on board – specialist writers in health, banking, finance, tourism, construction and observational writing (humour).

Sneddon says they’re made up of ex- or current journos, videographers and designers, “a bit like a publishing company”. “But they’re all trained to write for the web.”

Jarvis says when they looked at the market they discovered many businesses “had mitigated their digital media platform management to either the receptionist or their traditional agency’s copywriter, neither of whom are making the most out of it”.

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