New Balance’s Grey in May: A branding masterstroke

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AUCKLAND, Today: New Balance kicks off a multi-week celebration of Grey in May, spotlighting both new and classic expressions of the brand’s enduring legacy in its signature colour.

This campaign highlights how New Balance has masterfully used media and advertising to cement Grey as a hallmark of their brand identity.

In the 1980s, New Balance introduced the colour Grey with as much thought as any performance feature. Grey stood out among competitors and complemented the urban road running environment. 

Over the years, as models evolved with new technology and materials, Grey remained a symbol of New Balance’s timeless quality and style.

To honour Grey, New Balance released a short film titled Grey Days on May 10. The film, created by the new imprint American Haiku, celebrates the brand’s pervasive impact on global sneaker culture, from sport to street. 

“This film celebrates not only what Grey means to us as a brand, but also what it means to New Balance consumers.”

The campaign includes seven vignettes leading to a seven-minute film, each portraying a different aspect of the brand’s history. The creative team included directors Thom Glover & Daniel Wolfe, writer Elliott Power, director of photography Norm Li, and retro animation from Stray London, with still photography by Samuel Bradley.

“This film celebrates not only what Grey means to us as a brand, but also what it means to New Balance consumers. It recognises sub-cultural New Balance fans who have stood by our brand and the emblem of Grey for generations,” said Chris Davis, Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President of Merchandising at New Balance.

“It also recognises the ubiquity of the colour Grey, appealing to people everywhere from supermodels in London, to dads in Ohio, to sneaker connoisseurs in Tokyo. Grey is a colour for all that represents authenticity, versatility, and timelessness, carrying our heritage into the future.”

New Balance’s Grey in May campaign is a prime example of how a brand can leverage media and advertising to celebrate and solidify its identity. By using storytelling and diverse media platforms, New Balance continues to engage and expand its audience, showcasing the power of effective branding in the modern era.


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