Arrivals & Departures: New ceo at Sweetshop

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The Sweetshop has unveiled a management restructure of its global team to create more opportunities for its international roster of directors, allowing their content to operate across new multiple platforms and multi-outlet streams. 

Paul Prince, formerly ceo, moves into the position of chairman working closely with Sharlene George as global executive producer. The two founding partners will concentrate on new strategies and partnerships to expand content opportunities for its roster.

Prince said, “These key partnerships will allow us to develop beyond our core business of commercial advertising, taking us to a whole new level and opening new doors for our directors. I believe now’s the time to take this leap and investing in our people and ourselves is how we’ll create more opportunities.”

Meanwhile, Sydney-based Wilf Sweetland has been promoted to the role of ceo overseeing Sweetshop’s core operations in the US, UK & Europe, Greater China, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. 

“Wilf is a real challenger and has a hunger and passion for the Sweetshop,” said Prince. “He has truly become a recognised driving force. We could not be more excited for him and his expanded leadership role.”

Sweetland, who joined Sweetshop in 2011 as executive producer and managing director of Australia, went on to become managing partner. “Having spent time working in the local, US and European markets, he has a global perspective of advertising production,” Prince says. 

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