New heat map lights up the property market

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The Herald’s commercial property website True Commercial has harnessed state-of-the-art heat map technology to enhance the presentation of statistical data for commercial property – an innovative use of technology that has implications for the wider ad world.

The heat map will showcase the performance of commercial assets by category and by suburb across four key measurements: capital growth, sale price per square metre, median sale price, and sale price to CV ratio.

“The heat map simplifies and elucidates what’s happening in the commercial property sector and makes it much easier for investors to make informed decisions,” says NZME. real estate group sales managerVikas Verma.

“Commercial property is an exciting market with a lot of relevant information to consider. We understand how our customers buy, lease and invest in commercial property and this is an innovative way to enhance that experience,” he says.

True Commercial users can access the feature via ‘map view’ and switch through their desired categories using search criteria. They can then get more detailed information if they hover over the various sections identified by the heat map.

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