New look for Axis 2024

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AUCKLAND, Today: The Comms Council has this morning announed that entries for 2024 Axis Awards call for entry is live – with a number of small changes …

Axis 2024 convenor of judges Josh Moore said: “A new trophy. Made from recycled materials and designed and 3D printed locally, the new Axis trophy leans at 23.5 degrees. This is the very same angle that the axis of the earth leans at as it orbits the sun.

“Our new trophy therefore becomes an ever-present reminder of the need to top the balance of our ideas in favour of the planet we inhabit. The Earth revolves around an axis. Axis should aspire to revolve around the earth.

“Let’s celebrate the best work this year, showcasing what can inspire us all to tip the balance to better.”

“Grand Axis has been renamed to Idea of the Year to be in line with Agency of the Year. Agency of the Year is now an entered category, identifying the best body of work from each agency, making the award equitable for all agencies. A new category to embrace and celebrate creativity in retail. Simplification of categories to streamline the awards.

“The Show. We continue to evolve the show itself, building on the carbon emissions measurement conducted in 2023. With an established baseline to work from, we are planning to deliver an amazing night of celebration delivered with fewer emissions.

“Let’s celebrate the best work that has been produced this year, showcasing the work that can inspire us all to tip the balance to better.”

  • To download the Call for Entries document and to enter, visit the Comms Council website:

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