Ārepa launches new brand identity with Previously Unavailable and Simon Endres

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AUCKLAND, Today: New Zealand brain drink pioneer Ārepa, with Grey Lynn agency Previously Unavailable, has launched a new brand identity this week to go global with the company’s mission to help brains work better.

The new look can be seen on Ārepa’s website, social channels and on outdoor media around the country and will roll out across product lines in the coming months.

The brain food producer worked with Previously Unavailable and Simon Endres to develop their refreshed look. 

Ārepa co-ceo/head of design Zac Robinson says they wanted a new look and positioning to advance their mission and leadership in the brain nutrition space.

“We think the brain is the most important, but often least cared about, part of our bodies,” he said.

“At Ārepa, we have led the way in developing the science, proof and products to help people care for their brains, and we felt we needed to update our identity to communicate this better.

“We are excited to continue our advocacy for the brain through our refreshed identity.

Ārepa’s brain food is designed and tested by neuroscientists. The unique formula contains ingredients including neuroberry, blackcurrants, enzogenol pine bark extract and L-theanine at levels shown to provide both short term and long term cognitive benefits and protection.”

“The formula contains neuroberry, blackcurrants, enzogenol pine bark extract and L-theanine.”

The company began in 2012 with Robinson and fellow co-founder Angus Brown at the helm where they developed the formula, science and IP of their brain drink.

“They launched publicly in 2016. Today, Ārepa products are available in more than 1500 stores across New Zealand, Australia and Singapore and the company has human clinical studies under way across universities in New Zealand and Australia.

Simon Endres, well-known for his design work at his New York studio Red Antler with Allbirds and Casper, is an investor in Ārepa and had strategic design input into Ārepa’s new concept and look.

“At Red Antler, we worked with founders whose ideas we believed could shift behaviour, challenge category norms and build something that adds value to people’s lives, which I believe Ārepa is doing,” he said.

“Zac and Angus work with conviction around their purpose of making everyone’s brains work better.

“They are the real deal; they continue to invest in science to ensure their product is effective and beneficial to their consumers, which makes it compelling and defensible over the long term.

“We worked with them to evolve the existing brand to help crystalise its purpose visually and build a system that clearly communicates that purpose across multiple channels, product lines, and markets.”

“They are the real deal; they invest in science to ensure their product is effective and beneficial.”“The formula contains neuroberry, blackcurrants, enzogenol pine bark extract and L-theanine.”

Auckland innovation studio Previously Unavailable led the project and delivered the positioning and design.

Previously Unavailable founding partner James Hurman said: “Ārepa was a perfect fit as it helps change people – and therefore the world – for the better.

“We had a simple challenge: To make the Ārepa brand as good as the Ārepa product, and I believe we’ve done that.

“Having brains as good as Zac, Angus and Simon on our team made it possible. Taking Aoteroa’s natural ingredients, technology and IP to the world in a premium way is what our food and beverage sector should be doing all day.

“Ka pai Ārepa!”

Ārepa is available in supermarkets and petrol stations across New Zealand and much of Australia. The new brand and updated packaging will hit shelves over the coming months.

About Ārepa
Ārepa is a company born in Aotearoa New Zealand. From our inception, we have always wanted to showcase the best of New Zealand to the rest world. From our unique ingredients, our research, science, design and most importantly, our unique culture.

Ārepa is a te reo Māori transliteration of the word alpha. Alpha means many things, but to us, Ārepa is the unique frequency of alpha waves found in the brain. When people are in this state, they have effortless alertness performing their task, or the state psychologists call ‘flow’. It is this frequency that inspired us to create Ārepa, a product that could help enable great achievements through Mental Clarity.

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