New name for Dargaville papers

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From yesterday, Dargaville-based North South Multi Media Ltd will operate under the new name of Integrity Community Media Ltd, for the publication of two weekly community newspapers – The Kaipara Lifestyler servicing the Kaipara District, and The Record, servicing the Rollerston and West Melton areas of Christchurch – along with monthly rural publications, the Farming Lifestyle editions for Northland, Waikato, Taranaki, Manawatu, Wairarapa and Hawke’s Bay.

“Collectively, one of our newspapers is delivered to a home two-and-a-half million times a year,” said publisher Allan Mortensen.

“The ownership and staff of the company will remain the same. The name change is simply to reflect the core values and principles of ethical journalism that our company and publications are based on.

“There are many mission statements that apply in the realm of public information, but this company holds dear the long-established values and obligations of the craft of journalism, and is determined that these are, and will continue to be, reflected in our publications,” Mortensen said.

“Truth is paramount, along with accurate reporting, and our readers can feel confident that every story they read in one of our publications has been researched, fact checked, verified, and then constructed by a trained, professional journalist, before going through a full reading and checking process. 

“We hold dear the values of the craft of journalism, and are determined this will continue to be reflected in our publications.”

“It may sound very old fashioned but it has been the standard that has been developed and served the industry well since the first newspaper was published in 1605, and will continue to serve it well now, and into the future.

“Our writers work hard to be impartial and objective, and above all, look to news that centres on genuine human interest and informs in a constructive and positive way. We will also hold ourselves accountable. If we make an error, we will say so without hesitation.

“The advent of the internet, digital and social media has sadly seen a widespread decline in intrinsic news values. Suddenly the antics of pop stars, the aberrations of human nature, the curiosities, the prurient and the outright banal have become ‘news’ for many an information outlet.

“Add to that innuendo and trolling leaking into ‘news’ and it’s a downward spiral.

“Much of the information available through the internet is now proving to be based on rumour, opinion or outright disinformation and cannot be relied upon as a source of accurate news and information.

“In a rapidly evolving and diverse world of mass communication, Integrity Community Media is standing firm on long established values – and we believe that our business model of adhering to the old fashioned principles of the newspaper industry is and will continue to be, our point of difference.”

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