Key changes at Motion Sickness

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A new name for Auckland-based creative, social & content agency Motion Sickness Studio – there’s also a new website, and a new logo.

There’s been a fair bit going on at Motion Sickness Studio lately. Founder/CD Sam Stuch gave us the heads-up …

“We’ve dropped the ‘Studio’ from our name, for one,” he told M+AD. “We’ve also got a new logo. And a fancy new website – – and an awwwards nomination to match [].

“We didn’t want people to get the wrong idea that we were solely a production house. Whilst production is a big part of what we do, it’s not who we are. There’s plenty of creative, social, and digital work involved too and our latest projects reflect that.

“We’ve just recently signed a few big names like Jim Beam and Canadian Club, and have been working on a couple of cool campaigns with them to kick things off. We’ve also recently expanded our team to manage our growing client list.

No bullshit
“Not much has changed about our approach, though; we’re still doing our own thing. We’re a fairly young team, which we’ve found gives us a leg up when compared to traditional ad agencies. Our clients like that we take a ‘no bullshit’ approach to our work and that we’re disrupting the marketing industry with effective, socially led campaigns instead of traditional ad campaigns.

“We do things a little differently to our competitors who tend to work within a set of boundaries from the get-go. We prefer to focus on a great idea and not let anything get in the way of that. All other aspects, like delivery and distribution, will fall into place afterwards.

“You won’t hear us say ‘Oh we’ll do an Instagram campaign for this client’; it’s more like, ‘This is a cool idea, and it would work on these platforms’.

“With us the idea transcends the platform.

“We’re keen to expand globally and have a few things in the works in Sydney. We’d like to get to a point where we’ve got a few Motion Sickness pods placed globally. With our Auckland base, we don’t want to get to a point where we’re pumping out work for the sake of money, so we’re keen to keep our team here tight-knit and continue to work with a select group of clients.

“But we will continue to foster young Kiwi talent by taking on a few more friendly faces. You can check out a few fresh faces on the Motion Sickness site where our staff photo and promo video is currently taking centre stage [].

“It’s our take on shitty corporate photos / promo marketing videos. After seeing every other agency do awkward staged headshots we decided to do things a little differently.”

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