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AUCKLAND, Today: Sporting fans in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch will have the best seat in the stadium, with bus shelters across the city transformed into immersive mini arenas as part of a new oOh!media campaign for the Sky TV Network.

To promote Sky Sport’s streaming services, the large-scale special build campaign will see nine bus shelters taken over with a complete panorama wrap and custom seat installations – tailored to each major city – to encourage commuters to experience the stadium on the street. 

oOh!media NZ head of sales Ben Gibb said the campaign is the largest of its kind for oOh!, allowing amplified reach and impact to ensure Sky TV can cut through the clutter and reach its audiences in a unique and exciting way during their everyday commute. 

“Commuters are spending time waiting in our shelters and this presents a great opportunity for brands,” Gibb said.

“Each site has been hand selected by the team to ensure high foot fall, high dwell time and daily traffic visual counts, averaging more than 300,000 eyeballs across all nine locations.

“The Sky campaign was launched last week and will run until the end of September.”

“By coupling this extensive reach and dwell time with our creative offerings, such as our large format Panoramas and special build capabilities, we can increase impact, engagement and talkability for Sky TV to create a truly unmissable campaign.”

Sky TV marketing chief Steve Bayliss said: “oOh!’s assets were the perfect avenues for executing a captivating campaign of this size.

“Taking well-known aspects of our favourite sports and placing them in everyday moments is our way of showing Kiwis that Sky is an indispensable part of any sport lover’s life,” he said.

“As well as introducing our great new products, the aim of the campaign is to put a smile on the face of everyone who sees the advertising. Our outdoor activation allows us to do just that – inject a bit of fun and a creative twist to an everyday situation.”

The Sky TV Network campaign was launched last week and will run until the end of September.


Client: Sky TV Network
Creative Agency: DDB
Media Agency: OMD
Media owner: oOh! media

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