New site brings marketing nous to the Kiwi sex business

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“The oldest industry in the world has been thrust into the 21st Century by, a new advertising platform that brings mobile optimisation and enhanced technology to the adult industry,” reads the email that landed at M+AD yesterday.

Being of an inquisitive nature, we examined the site quite closely, and can report that it is indeed what it says it is: A platform for women in the adult industry to advertise their services, using location-based technology. It’s quite classy in an unremarkable soft-focus kind of way, and simple to navigate. It appears to be a genuine Kiwi production.

What differentiates MADAM from most adult sites – which are usually pretty basic in communication terms – is the marketing savvy demonstrated in the MADAM pitch. Here’s the release in full …

A website devoted to the “Business of Pleasure”, MADAM uses Uber-like location based technology allowing users to quickly find women of their liking and skill set, in their area.

With a sophisticated design, easy to use functionality and with features to enhance safety for all concerned, MADAM is turning the adult industry on its head, showcasing women in a respectful and dignifying environment that has not been seen before in New Zealand.

A platform for women in the adult industry to advertise their services, MADAM is designed with convenience in mind to benefit both the user and the advertiser. 

Users looking for services can quickly logon to MADAM and depending on hair colour, body shape and service requirements, users can quickly and easily contact a suitable advertiser by phone call or text message to organise a meeting.

MADAM attracts elegant, sexy professionals whom are business minded advertisers. The site is designed to accelerate growth in high-end services reflecting a sophisticated, technically advanced platform, that works for the advertiser and user alike and aims to aid in growing the advertisers business in a style that reflects the high-end services they provide. 

For the women advertising, they are easily able to set up and run a legitimate business and using the location based technology can change their location and availability details to suit their lives.

User driven, advertisers can also login to their account and change details, whether it be the imagery on their profile or services they provide. The site also gives them access to detailed analytics so they can see how many hits they are getting, what time of day traffic is highest, what sort of follow through they receive and which locations are working for them best, allowing them to best manage their time.  

With safety a paramount concern of the industry the website is equipped with guidelines and recommendations for how to use the location based technology. It enables advertisers to lodge warnings about certain users and a chat forum is also coming so that advertisers can connect in a secure way and offer advice and discuss any potential problems.

Created in New Zealand, MADAM promises to be a game changer for the industry around the globe with plans for the website to go offshore and also for a male based advertising platform to launch in the future.

Showcasing the adult industry in a new and sophisticated light, MADAM is attracting new talented females every day, so visit to make the business of pleasure even more enjoyable.

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