From Grammys to Instagram – new social media shop launches in Auckland (updated)

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Curator social media marketing agency, which launched in Auckland this week, aims to help businesses grow their social media profile and reach by connecting them with the right influencers on different networks.

Curator will offer a range of social media services, including influencer recommendations and connections, content development, social media management and consultation. They will also offer clients their own DIY action plan, which will give companies feedback and recommendations on their social media activity that they can execute themselves.

Kris Lal, founder of Curator, says there are significant opportunities for brands that use the right influencers. “Social media is about sharing experiences, and every user of a platform is building their own world of what they want to see and the lives of people they want to follow,” he says.

“Influencers are hugely important, they have massive reach, but also they are brands themselves, and their followers are looking to replicate and indulge in the lifestyle they lead.

“The team at Curator recently took to the red carpet at the 59th Grammys, where they with music industry insider Qiana Conley. They were also able to take the opportunity to meet with other influencers and capture imagery around LA.”

400,000 Instagrammers
A key differentiator for Curator over other social media agencies is that all members of the team are social media influencers themselves. “It is about practicing what you preach,” says Lal. “Being influencers ourselves gives us credibility with other influencers.

Between us we have over 400,000 followers on Instagram. Each of us has the experience of building a following and understanding what different audiences are looking for. Hence the name Curator.”

Lal’s own network comes from music industry, where he collaborated and produced records with a number of US artists including T-Boz from TLC, and rapper Chingy. It is this international connectivity that Curator sees as being crucial to its offering.

“I actually got a lot of encouragement from T-Boz to start this,” says Lal. “It is something that we believe will help us stand out. I don’t know if there are any other social media agencies that can say they were at the Grammys this year and that they know the influencers they are dealing with like we do.”

As a part of their launch, Curator is assembling two lists of the top 100 female and male influencers in the world. They will be releasing the list in parts over the coming months, while also interviewing and profiling some of people on their list.

Lal says a number of these influencers have agreed to work exclusively with Curator on New Zealand based brands and content.

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