New Telecom viral triggers Youtube storm

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Saatchi & Saatchi has launched a new campaign that aims to talk to Telecom residential customers about the telco’s new, unlimited broadband data plans.

The 2min 30sec Giganaire TVC is already polarising public opinion, with nearly 30,000 Youtube viewers evenly divided over whether they love it or hate it (you can view all 93 comments on the Youtube page). But Telecom chief operating officer Jason Paris dismisses claims of racial insensitivity as “a misinterpretation of the satirical nature of the campaign”.

Saatchi CD Slade Gill, who coined the phrase, says giganaire is “someone rolling in data or gigabytes”.

“No matter who you are, or where you live, access to more data leaves you feeling super flush,” he says. “It’s the best kind of freedom. So we thought we’d play off that insight, using a genre that is synonymous with flaunting your wealth and living it up.

“With content-rich applications like Spotify, on-demand and Skype now becoming life essentials, access to data has become a modern day form of keeping up with the Joneses.”

“We think this genre transcended cultural and racial lines years ago – what we’re doing is holding a mirror up to pop culture, and having some fun with it. We are absolutely not attempting to draw on racial stereotypes and the vast, vast majority of comments I’ve seen on social media about the campaign show people get that and understand is simply a light-hearted parody.”

The campaign is running on Youtube, Ooh! outdoor sites, and virally.



Client: Telecom


Chief Operating Officer of Telecom Retail: Jason Paris

Communications Manager: Daimler Teves

Communications Executive: Nikora Walters


Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi


Executive Creative Director: Antonio Navas

Creative Director: Slade Gill

Creative Group Head: Brad Collett

TV Producer: Anna Kennedy

Business Director: Ben Fielding

Account Director: Anastasia Potter

Planner: Janisa Parag

Studio Manager: Tias Somers

Senior Designer: Rob Flynn


Production Company: Curious


Director: Robin Walters

Producer: Dan Higgins

DOP: Chris Mauger

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Music: Manu Walters & Eden Jouavel

Mastering: Peter Van Der Fluit, Manu Walters, Eden Jouave


Sound Studio: Liquid Studios


Sound Design: Craig Matuschka

Casting: Catch Casting

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