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AUCKLAND, Monday: Trustpower launched a new brand tvc this weekend with the second creative execution using the ‘Meant to be together’ creative platform. The 90s ad, Four Legs Good, was directed by Chris Dudman of CPD Films from a concept developed by long-term agency partner Art & Industry. 

The tvc tells the story of a man and a dog who are meant to be together for reasons that unfold as the story develops. 

It’s a follow up to Lost and Found which told the story of childhood sweethearts Toby and Mel.

Trustpower head of brand Carolyn Schofield said: “Lost and Found was incredibly successful – we continue to get wonderful feedback about it.

“Our advertising tracking research showed it outperformed previous advertising on multiple key metrics and it was in the Top 5 of New Zealand’s favourite TV ads in TRA’s independent research.

“We’ve even heard stories of the tvc being the prompt for people to make contact with ‘the one that got away’ from 40 years ago. But it was time for us to tell a new ‘Meant to be together’ story.”

“Multiple studies show that emotional brand advertising that works on people’s subconscious brains is more effective long-term than rational advertising.”

“Meant to be together’ provides a platform for Trustpower to tell stories to support Trustpower’s position as the leading supplier of bundled energy and telco services in New Zealand.

“Just like some people – or people and dogs – are meant to be together, it’s natural that your essential home services should all be together with Trustpower.

“Our challenge was to follow up Lost and Found with something even better. Rather than another Boy-meets-girl story we wanted to tell a different, ‘Meant to be Together’ story that had even more emotional intensity, and Four Legs Good delivers exactly that.

“Multiple studies show that emotional brand advertising that works on people’s subconscious brains is more effective long-term than rational advertising.

“The campaign almost didn’t happen. Although production can go ahead at Level 3, with strict Health & Safety protocols, the changing alert levels in Auckland meant that three days before the shoot it still wasn’t definite it could go ahead.

“It was a nervewracking few days for everyone involved as we approached the shoot date, but with a lot of hard work from the production team everything fell into place and we were able to go ahead.”

The campaign launches with a 90s tvc for broadcast TV and online.  A 60s and 30s will be introduced in the coming weeks. The brand tvc will run in parallel with an offer-focussed 15s tvc promoting Trustpower’s headline ‘You Choose’ acquisition offer.


Client: Trustpower
Marketing Communications Manager: Carolyn Schofield
Agency: Art and Industry
Creative Director: Daniel Crayford
TV Production : CPD Films
Director: Chris Dudman
Producer: Bridget Bolton-Riley
Original Music: Age Pryor, featuring Andy Morley-Hall on lead vocals
Media: Independent Media NZ, Mark Reekie

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