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For the first time in months MasterCard Surprise is not the most preferred ad – in fact, it doesn’t even make the top 10 (currently at #11). But debuting in December are KiwRail, New World Noel, Jeep, and NZTA Local Legends.

And they’ll be double-happy at Saatchi, with two Hilux campaigns now featuring in the Top 10.

  1. KiwRail Take a Break. Take a Train, Clemenger BBDO (camera Dan Monaghan)
  2. Specsavers Should’ve Campaign, MediaCom
  3. Nova Energy Mr Rover, Clemenger BBDO
  4. NZTA Local Legends, Finch (dir Patrick Hughes)
  5. Toyota Hilux NZ Proven, Saatchi & Saatchi, Thick As Thieves (dir Alex Sutherland)
  6. New World Noel, .99, Finch (dir Nick Ball)
  7. Jeep Bigger Boat, HM Creative (Australia)
  8. Contact Energy Casey and Olly It’s OK to Say Bad Words, JWT, Sunday Punch (directors Nigel McCulloch, Ryan Hutchings, Jarrod Holt).
  9. New World Series, Colenso BBDO, Finch (dir Nick Ball)
  10. NZI Devil’s Chair, FCB, Assembly (dir Damon Duncan)



1. KiwiRail

  • “It has good photography, music, is has a simple and non-annoying theme.”
  • “beautiful scenery.”
  • “It is very pleasant to look at and to listen to. Makes me want to be there.”
  • “I really like the music and the magnificent NZ scenery.”
  • “Like the music behind the Kiwi rail ad.”
  • “It is simple and straightforward; in fact it makes us want to do something we haven’t done for years.”
  • “I find the music so evocative and it fits the scenery perfectly.”


2. Specsavers

  • “That’s a really funny ad.”
  • “Good simple humour.”
  • “I like it because it amuses me. They have different ones that are all good.”
  • “I like the series of ads, as they use humour to highlight the importance of being able to see clearly!”
  • “They have a good sense of humour and make me laugh.”


3. Nova

  • “It’s humorous as…. it’s soooo corny that it is funny. It’s Super….. Nova bahahaha.”
  • “Makes me laugh every time.”
  • “The element of surprise when “England” rather than “Dover” is stated.”
  • “I like silly humour and it just tickles me.”
  • “Makes me smile. Simple message.”
  • “Funny, not loud and shouty, makes a good point.”
  • “It’s just memorable, though quite awful, but funny.”


4. NZTA Local Legends 

5. Toyota Hilux NZ Proven

6. New World Noel

7. Jeep Bigger Boat

8. Contact Energy Casey & Ollie It’s OK to say bad words

9. New World campaign

10. NZI Devil’s Chair

The TVC Top 10 is produced by Colmar Brunton ( exclusively for M+AD (however, anybody may reproduce all or parts of it without authorisation – but we do ask for a M+AD credit).

Colmar Brunton polled 1000 New Zealanders (aged 18+) online between 3-10 December for this latest Top 10. Respondents were incentivised with Fly Buys reward points, and the poll has a margin of error of +/- 2.6%.


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