New York agency McCann created Fearless Girl

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Creative ad agency McCann New York was the force behind the unveiling of the statue of a young girl staring down Wall Street’s famous Charging Bull scultpure as part of International Women’s Day (scroll down for the credits list).

The new sculpture, titled The Fearless Girl, has taken the world by storm. It was made by artist Kristen Visbal and was funded by McCann’s client State Street Global Advisors (which manages nearly US $2.5 trillion in assets).

The McCann installation symbolises the power of women in leadership roles and brings attention to the lack of women in corporate boardrooms.

According to an MSCI study cited by State Street, companies with strong female leadership generated a return on equity of 10.1% per year versus 7.4% for those without a critical mass of women at the top, which is a 36.4% increase of average return on equity.

“Most large-cap company boards in Australasia, the UK and the US have at least one female director but have yet to fully embrace gender equality in their ranks,” said Rakhi Kumar, head of corporate governance at State Street Global Advisors. “We believe boards have an important role to play in increasing gender diversity and believe our guidance can help directors take action now.”

Permanent installation?
McCann did get permission from the city to erect the sculpture and plans to keep it there for at least a week – although apparently the city authorities are now considering it as a permanent installation.

Interestingly, Charging Bull was installed outside the stock market without permission in 1989. It was the work of artist Arturo Di Modica and was supposed to symbolise strength following the stock market crash of 1987. Locals loved it so much it’s stayed ever since.


Client: State Street Global Advisors
Agency: McCann NY
North American Chief Creative Officer: Eric Silver
Chief Creative Officer: Joyce King Thomas
Managing Director: Devika Bulchandani
Co-Chief Creative Officer: Tom Murphy
Co-Chief Creative Officer: Sean Bryan
Art Director: Lizzie Wilson
Sr. Copywriter: Tali Gumbiner
Chief Production Officer: Nathy Aviram
Executive Producer, Innovation: Christine Lane
Senior Integrated Producer: Deb Archambault
Design Director: George Katz
Design Director: David Mashburn
Head of Communications Strategy: David Broad
Director of Social and Mobile: Gemma Craven
Strategy Director: Kevin Kim
Executive Account Director: Peter Bracegirdle
Account Supervisor: Molly Vossler
Junior Producer: Doug Harrison
Senior Project Manager: Steven Marchione
Chief Communications Officer Jeremy Miller
Brand Communications Director: Neena Koyen
Senior Editor: Nathan Troester
Maker: Brett Berman
Maker: Eric Perini
Executive Music Producer: Eric Johnson
Music Producer: Dan Gross
Artist: Kristen Visbal (Visbal Sculpture Inc)
Production Company: Traction Creative (owner Bryan Roberts)
Production Company: SWP (owner Stuart Weissman)
Photographer: Federica Valabrega
DP: Jack Shanahan
AC: Jeff Clanet
Retoucher: Kris Chu
Music + Sound: COPILOT

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