Ad Standards pact rolls out in NZ

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Aiming to improve the consumer experience, leading international trade associations and companies in the online media ecosystem – including NZ – have joined forces to create the Coalition for Better Ads.

The coalition has developed an initial set of data-driven standards for online advertising based on consumers’ preferences about the types of ads they least prefer, in order to help the global marketplace take steps to deliver a better ad experience.

While the standards currently apply only in Europe and North America, New Zealand publishers should familiarise themselves with the 12 ad experiences they need to avoid, says IABNZ ceo Adrian Pickstock.

“IABNZ is an affiliate member of the coalition and as such we recognise and support the Better Ads standards,” he said. “They are in line with the IAB’s Lean principle which is a concise guide to help publishers improve the user experience – and we urge publishers to adopt the Lean and the CBA standards”

“Google Chrome will extend ad filtering to NZ this year and publishers should meet the standards quickly to avoid the effect on their revenue.”

Coalition members include most of the large global brands, agencies and media business including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Unilever, Group M and Proctor & Gamble

In support of the coalition’s move and to further encourage the implementation of the new standards, Google Chrome has announced it will filter (block) all ads on sites that have repeat and significant violation of the Better Ads Standards. This became effective in February in the US and Europe.

Pickstock said, “We anticipate Google Chrome will extend ad filtering to New Zealand sometime this year and we recommend publishers work towards meeting the standards as quickly as possible to ensure they are doing their part to improve the user experience and to avoid the effect the Chrome initiative could potentially have on their revenue.”

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