Nielsen NZ enhances identity system for Digital Ad Ratings

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AUCKLAND, Monday: Nielsen has launched its enhanced Digital Ad Ratings Solution, Powered by Identity, in New Zealand. Nielsen NZ country director Tony Boyte said: “Demographic data from multiple data providers will power up the Nielsen Identity System to bring scale for digital measurement of the open web.

“The Nielsen Identity System revolutionises how digital ad campaigns are measured in a rapidly changing media ecosystem.

“Forthcoming cookie deprecation is fundamentally changing the advertising ecosystem. Combined with the deterioration of other digital identifiers, there is greater emphasis on people-first measurement approaches to count and deduplicate audiences across platform and report on people-based metrics.

“The Nielsen Identity System powering Digital Ad Ratings addresses advertising waste and helps enable advertisers and publishers to measure reach and frequency of their audiences with confidence knowing that when a digital ad is viewed, demographics are deduplicated across mobile and PC platforms.

“It’s great to see us leading the way in solving digital consumer behaviour fragmentation. From granularity, to large-scale measurement, we’re giving advertisers the data they need to measure, manage and optimise their campaign budgets and results.

“This revolutionises how digital ad campaigns are measured in a rapidly changing media ecosystem.”

“In a fragmenting media landscape comparability is key and this is critical to support the evolution of digital ad campaign measurement, in New Zealand, and abroad.”

“The Nielsen Identity System measures digital campaigns for the open web alongside the integrations already in place for the walled gardens.

“The Nielsen Identity System connects digital ad impressions for the open web to demographic data from both Nielsen and third party data providers. It is powered by more than 2 billion device identifiers across the world, constantly being refreshed.

“Nielsen continues to enter into and expand its relationships with both global and local data providers to power up the Nielsen Identity System.

“This is an important milestone as we continue to evolve our technologies and methodologies as we move toward our global Nielsen ONE strategy, underpinning a strong digital measurement capability which helps with the vision of a true cross-platform that measures across all screens.”

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