Nike taps NZ athletics star for Summer campaign

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Kiwi Olympian Valerie Adams – now back to her best form – features in Nike’s Unimited Future campaign, released globally this week.

Unimited Future is a continuation of a series of films from Nike celebrating the unlimited potential of athletes willing to go beyond their limits.

Adams does not personally feature in the films – she has a role in the broader campaign in New Zealand – managed by Switch Auckland, where Nike supports her in a four-week training programme through the free Nike Training Club app.

In the world of sports, motivational speeches from a coach or fellow player have inspired athletes to achieve more than they ever thought possible. But never before has one of these speeches been given to a room full of babies.

In the TVC, Bobby Cannavale delivers a rousing inspirational message to the infant versions of Nike athletes LeBron James, Neymar Jr, Serena Williams, Mo Farah and Zhou Qi. But his speech is not baby talk!

The film was launched across select Nike digital channels, and was directed by American Damien Chazelle (Whiplash).

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