Nissan puts its mechanics in the spotlight

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Whybin\TBWA is about to launch a new poster and press campaign with a focus on Nissan NZ’s mechanics.

“80% of consumers who own a Nissan get their car serviced by any old mechanic – rather than taking it to a Nissan specialist,” said an agency spokesperson. “We wanted to highlight that fact that while all mechanics know cars in general, they don’t necessarily know what’s best for a particular Nissan.

“So, we brought this to life by using the analogy that there are many different types of specialists in the world, but they won’t always be right for you.”

The campaign, called Close Enough Isn’t Good Enough, launches in June.



Client: Nissan New Zealand Ltd

Agency: Whybin TBWA DAN Auckland

Toby Talbot: Chief Creative Officer

Creative Directors: Lisa Fedyszyn, Jonathan McMahon

Creatives: Katyana O’Neill, Renee Warner, Cece Chu

Account Director: Mark Wilson

Designer: Elena Panaita

Illustrator: Loic Cardon

Account team: Lucy Ochoa-Petit

Head of Studio: Paul Gibson

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