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AUCKLAND, Today: The Parnell Business Association has bypassed the agency world to launch an ad campaign “to celebrate local residents and businesses”.

Stephanie Helm, of Parnell PR shop One Plus One Comms, said: “There are no ad or PR agency partners involved.

“One Plus One provides PR and communications support for the Parnell Business Association, however this campaign was conceived entirely by Cheryl Adamson and her team. The Parnell Business Association is a not-for-profit incorporated society, representing over 1100 members in the Parnell precinct,”  she said.

“We thought that angle may be of interest to M+AD readers, particularly as the campaign is about people and place and the importance of that connectivity.”

Parnell Business Association GM Cheryl Adamson said: “Covid-19 has tested our economic resilience in many ways and highlighted the important connection between local businesses, residents and the suburbs they live in.

“Whilst Parnell is famous for its cafes and galleries, it’s also home to a diverse range of people with fascinating stories and perspectives to share about the area.

“To celebrate all of these ‘Parnellians,’ the Parnell Business Association has launched an Auckland-wide media campaign titled Take a Seat in Parnell which shares the unique stories of people behind these thriving businesses, alongside residents, many who have called the suburb ‘home’ for several years.”

The campaign uses few of the tools favoured by agencies – there are no creative graphics, and no print component or posters.

Take a seat in Parnell runs on the PBA website, Facebook and eDM, with paid ads in The Hobson, Verve and Viva.

Instead, it opts for an interview-style format, putting people at the front and centre and includes businesses synonymous with Parnell – like gallery and hospitality owners, and innovative tech start-ups, matched with a range of residents, some from successive generations of families, as well as younger people who have recently settled in the area.

Cheryl Adamson: “This campaign is our unique way of demonstrating that amazing local support we all witnessed during Covid-19 and the narrative that surrounds that.

“We wanted to reintroduce the City of Sails to the ‘Parnell of today’ so we paired participants up from different walks of life and have quite literally invited them to ‘sit’ in a seat to be interviewed and share their stories. The selection and juxtaposition of the participants have made for some truly interesting and inspiring conversations that we hope will resonate with different audiences.

“We know there’s always more than meets the eye when it comes to who and what makes a suburb tick. Parnell is thriving with creativity – from unique business think tanks and tech innovation to world-class business leaders and ideas.

Take a Seat offers residents and local businesses the opportunity to authentically explain their connection to Parnell, as well as tease out some of the future opportunities they could see for the suburb.

“By putting people and place at the heart of the campaign, we are allowing people to participate and own the process of their ideas.”


The campaign has been launched via the Parnell Business Association’s website, Facebook and eDM as well as media advertising in The Hobson, Verve and Viva.

Images were captured by Auckland-based photographer Amanda Reelick with the ‘seats’ sourced from Parnell homeware stores including Europlan, Dawson & Co and Matisse.

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