No agency – but Kathmandu wins in Oz

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MELBOURNE: Kathmandu – for the second year running – has won Gold at the Australasian Catalogue Association Awards, in the Camping & Outdoor Goods category – without the aid of an ad agency.

“New Zealand creatives and retailers have built a strong reputation for their innovation and creativity when developing retail communications,” said ACA ceo Kellie Northwood.

Kathmandu – which does not have an NZ ad agency, and does all comms work in-house – developed a catalogue that reflected the evolution of their products, having a strong effect on brand recognition and store visitation from both loyalty members and new customers.

The awards highlighted a strong focus on effective marketing with the addition of new categories – Point of Sale, Customer Insights and Corporate Social Responsibility. New Zealand retailers entered in the open categories and taking on their Australian colleagues.

“Kathmandu does not have an NZ ad agency – all work done in-house.”

This year’s international Awards programme saw NZ retailers go up against their Australian rivals for the first time after having their own category for the past two years.

Kathmandu ad manager Jennifer Humphries said: “The core of our brand is our passion for travel and adventure, and we are so proud to be acknowledged for all our hard work. We are an in-house team who cares about our output.”

Duffy Books in Homes was a finalist in the Corporate Social Responsibility category for their Government Book Offer catalogue – a publication that aligned with the Alan Duff Charitable Foundation supplying free books to over 100,000 New Zealand children. Duffy Books in Homes report the results by Government researchers show a 35% improvement in reading and writing skills.

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