Restaurants launch recruitment campaign to tackle staff shortages

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AUCKLAND, Thursday: Hospitality workers and business owners will feature in a new recruitment campaign from the Restaurant Association which aims to give Kiwis a better understanding of what it means to work in the industry.

There was no ad or PR agency involved – strategy was done in-house. The video was made by Mt Barker Entertainment and the director was Bevan Jones. The stills were shot by Christchurch design studio McCarthy.

Restaurant Association ceo Marissa Bidois said: “Hospitality is part of our social fabric and has until recently, been in sustained growth. But for some time, we have been desperately lacking the skilled workforce we need to support our growth.

“This campaign will give us the opportunity to share the stories of our hospo community with other Kiwis who might be considering joining the industry.”

“The Get a HospoLife campaign features a 60sec video showcasing stories from real people working in the industry.”

“The Get a HospoLife campaign showcases hospitality professionals in a variety of roles – from bartending, to marketing showcasing the variety of roles available.

“It’s about showing Kiwis that there’s more to hospitality than meets the eye and can offer a rewarding career and lifestyle.

“The campaign features a 60-second video showcasing stories from real people working in the industry along with a range of visuals for digital and social media highlighting the exciting and varied opportunities hospitality offers.

A recent survey of Restaurant Association members indicated that 79% per cent of respondents had found it difficult to recruit for junior level positions and 94% for mid-high level positions.

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