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AUCKLAND, Today: Lumo and creative agency Pitchblack Partners have launched Up and Running – a nationwide digital billboard initiative dedicated to helping small businesses get back on their feet.

So far the Government has paid out $10.4 billion through a wage subsidy scheme, benefiting 1.6 million workers.

But the move out of full lockdown to alert level 3 today means a lot of people can get going again.

Up and Running offers businesses billboard advertising totally free of charge at one of 23 giant Lumo sites across Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton and Tauranga.

Pitchblack will take care of the design.

The team behind the initiative told the Herald Business there are “no strings attached”.

Pitchblack’s Tom Paine said the prime objective of the initiative was to encourage consumers from the local community to support their neighbourhood stores.

“This is an incredible offer by Lumo and Pitchblack –there was an immediate upsurge in local support and they’re at the forefront of that.”

The billboards will follow a simple format – the business’s logo or key image, what they are offering – delivery, contactless pick up, and website details.

The ads will be rotated on the screen along with the other businesses.

Any small business can register – including hospitality, retail, professional, personal and trade services (scroll down for the link).

The Herald reports the website went live this morning and ads are already on screens for a number of businesses including Blinkhorne Foods in Christchurch and Chia Sisters.

“This is an incredible offer by Lumo and Pitchblack,” said Chia Sisters co-founder Florence Van Dyke.

“There has been an upsurge in local support and collaboration during this time and Lumo and Pitchblack are at the forefront of that.

“We lost 70% of our business overnight when cafes and restaurants closed.

“This opportunity will fast-track the pivot of our business to online delivery, and has the potential to help keep our business afloat and team employed.

“This type of generosity makes us grateful and proud to be a Kiwi company.”

Along with Lumo and Pitchblack, Aux Digital and Assembly have come on board to facilitate the website and animation side of the initiative.

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