Noel Leeming Part 2: Daddy’s Girl

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FCB has launched the 2nd of its Noel Leeming two-part campaign to introduce an exclusive suite of helpful in store and at-home services to the stores’ customers.

The campaign aims to cement the retail company’s 77 stores as New Zealand’s leading technology destinations and places where tech specialists are available to meet all customers’ technology needs.

FCB ECD Tony Clewett says the 30-second TVC was inspired by similar stories from real customers who have benefited from Noel Leeming’s technology specialist services.

“It follows in the wake of the campaign launch TVC that featured an endearing golf-lover who was able to watch his favourite sport on TV again, thanks to the helpful staff at Noel Leeming and Chromecast technology.”

Similar to its predecessor, the campaign’s newest TVC captures the emotive benefit of Noel Leeming’s services with a story that follows a father as he upgrades to a smartphone to keep in touch with his tech-savvy daughter who plans to go off on an overseas travel experience.

The ad also depicts the father taking advantage of Noel Leeming’s in-store advice to best understand how to operate his new device and how to get the most out of it based on his needs.

“The campaign was born from the opportunity to educate New Zealanders about how Noel Leeming services can help people with a variety of tech needs – in this instance, a father trying to parent his teenage daughter as she explores her independence,” Clewett said.

Supporting the TVC is a media partnership that uses native editorial to delve further into the possibilities of Noel Leeming services and increase understanding of how it can help solve a variety of technology woes.

On social media, Noel Leeming’s first series of snackable video content was also released last week, providing viewers with short easy-to-view tips that answer the types of questions Noel Leeming staff members are often asked.

These short videos have been designed to help viewers get the most out of their own devices, inspire them to trial new products that can better meet their needs, and to help them understand the breadth of advice they can receive in-store, or at home.

“We are committed to making Kiwi lives better through technology,” said Noel Leeming ceo Tim Edwards. “That’s why we pride ourselves on being the only national consumer electronics retailer in New Zealand that has a dedicated team of passionate experts to help our customers choose the right device, to answer their technology questions, set up a new device and sit down with them to talk through how they can get the most out of their technology in store or at home.”


Client:Noel Leeming
CEO: Tim Edwards
General Marketing Manager: Maryanne Smith
Marketing Planning Manager: Jodie Woods
Retail Services Manager: Dan Albertson
Regional ECD: James Mok
ECD: Tony Clewett
Creative team: Christiaan Van Noppen (Art Director), Matthew Grainger (Senior Creative), John Maxwell (Senior Retail Art Director)
Head Of Content | Producer: Pip Mayne
Creative Services Director: Jenni Doubleday
Senior Account Director: Juliette Harris
Account Director: Anita Metzler
Planning: Carl Sarney
Social: Ele Quigan (Brand Engagement Director)
Senior Account Manager: Alisha Thomas
Content Creator: Cameron Wilson
Associate Media Director: Lee Griffiths
Media Director: Terri Collier
Head of Media Strategy: Rufus Chuter
Media Planner/Buyer: Catherine Selfe
Media Planner/Buyer: Alice Franklin
Associate Digital Director: Falk Werner
Performance Executive: Nicole Killip
Production Co: LS Productions
Director: Laura Sargisson
DOP: Žiga Zupančič
Grade & Online: Jared Yearsley (FCB)
Facility: FCB
Sound Studio: Digi Cake
Engineer: Andrew McDowall

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