Nope to Dope launch

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AUCKLAND, Sunday: The anti-legalisation troops have launched their first campaign with a full-page execution in today’s Herald on Sunday.

No agencies have surfaced to take the credit – but the dozen or so ads displayed on the Say Nope To Dope website are professionally designed and have clearly been backed with a decent budget.

And the smart name/logo nails the message beautifully.

The antiquated scaremongering propaganda is the same as always, however …

“Say Nope to Dope is a project of a group of concerned organisations and individuals,” the site says.

“The scaremongering propaganda is the same as always, however.”

“We oppose any attempt to decriminalise or legalise marijuana. Drug use is both a criminal and a health issue, but any proposal to go soft on drug use, drug growing and drug dealing at any level should be completely rejected.

“Maintaining its illegality but using a smart arrest policy combined with the coercion of the law is the correct response to drug use. Drug use is a major health issue, and that’s why the role of the law is so important.

“This is not a ‘war on drugs’ – this is a defence of our brains and health. People should always come before profits. We should say NO to Big Marijuana in New Zealand.”

The main backers of the project are all well-known conservatives, and members of Family First NZ’s “board of reference”:

  • Psychotherapist Chris Hight
  • Former TV1 weatherman Jim Hickey
  • Former All Black Michael Jones
  • Former TVNZ What’s Now presenter Anthony Samuels
  • Relationship gurus Ian & Mary Grant
  • Former cop Nick Tuitasi.

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