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AUCKLAND, Today: Just one problem with the snarky comment posted on yesterday’s M+AD coverage of the latest GfK radio survey. “This is absolute bullshit,” he/she posted. “I know it. You know it. All of radioland knows it.”

The problem with this? Our contributor is the true BS artist! These survey’s are astonishingly detailed and accurate.

Few NZ media surveys go as far back – or cover the bases as thoroughly – as the radio one, which first appeared in Auckland with the advent of private commercial radio in 1966.

“The integrity of this survey has never been faulted.”

Even back then, the survey’s NZ pioneer, Research Associates, interviewed thousands of Kiwis every six months in detail about their listening habits.

And they did it via street and phone interviews – the internet didn’t exist. These surveys painstakingly listed all stations, and broke their statistics into age groupings & quarter-hours.

Since then the technique has been refined and digitised by GfK. But they still do thousands of interviews which deliver extraordinary profiles of who listens to what.

You might say the integrity of this survey has never been faulted.

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