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AUCKLAND, Thursday: Special Group has released the next chapter in their Unhappily Ever After campaign for Partners Life. Warning: The campaign contains lovely drawings of cute little mice with their tails cut off!

The agency suggests parents should screen it on after 8pm (after the children have gone to bed).

Partners Life MD Naomi Ballantyne said: “This story explains that Partners Life covers many of the things life might throw at you, with a grim twist on the well-known narrative, this time showing the consequences of a serious injury. 

“Like the success of the first story of Humpty, this tale of the loss of three tails uses a classic nursery rhyme to talk to new parents who are at a point in their life where they’re considering getting insurance to cover all of life’s big possibilities. 

“Flux have done an incredible job bringing people back to their childhood with a nostalgic storybook style.”

“With both Humpty and now this cute wee story, Flux have done an incredible job bringing people back to their childhood with a nostalgic storybook style. The look along with storytelling from Dave Fane, from bro’Town and What Now evokes memories and feelings.”

Special Group NZ ECD Jonathan McMahon said: “This is a really powerful platform that allows us to talk about some pretty heavy themes in a really unique and beautifully crafted way.

“It’s a good reminder that sometimes insurance isn’t just for the loss of life, but sometimes for the loss of a tail … or three.”

Three Blind Mice is on air after an adult-appropriate 8pm.


Client: Partners Life
Managing Director: Naomi Ballantyne
Chief Commercial Officer: Tony Arthur
Chief Marketing Officer: Kris Ballantyne
General Manager, Marketing: Tina Morgan
Sponsorships Manager: Mika Ballantyne
Marketing Specialist: Gerhard van Graan
Brand Co-ordinator: Sophie Broom

: Special Group New Zealand
CCO/CEO: Tony Bradbourne
Executive Creative Director: Lisa Fedyszyn
Executive Creative Director: Jonathan McMahon
Art Director: Till Dittmers
Copywriter: Jack Gravatt
Head of Client Service: Storm Day
Senior Business Director: Nick O’Donnell
Senior Business Manager: Hannah Ross
Senior Producer: Jo Kelly
Producer: Nicole Scopes
Producer: Emma Cutfield
Strategy Director: Nick Salter

Animation Production House
: Flux Media
Director: Laban Dickinson
General Manager: Joshua Forsman
Design: Kevin Howdeshell & Kristen Howdeshell
2D Animation: Shane Taylor
2D Animation: Shannon Fahey
2D Animation: Dave Butler

Production Company
Live Action: The Hood & Co
Director Live Action: James Rua
Producer Live Action: Caren Freeman
Audio Production House: Franklin Road
MD: Jonathan Mihaljevich

Music Composition
: Sidney Kennedy
Head of Music & Sound Design: Shane Taipari
Music & Sound Supervisor: James Gibb

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