The not-so-ordinary carrot

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With a declaration ‘it’s what’s inside that matters’, Rainger & Rolfe has just launched a cheeky Huckleberry NZ TVC as part a new EcoStore Xventure television show sponsorship.

“Everyone knows organics are the future but we also have to talk about what makes organics special,” said Huckleberry’s Richard Lees. ‘The reality is organics are now a beautiful, mainstream option.

“The foods all taste delicious, the fruit and vegetables are outstanding and our on-shelf products come from a sustainable manufacturing environment. All of which says ‘good for you and good for the planet’.

Jen Rolfe said: ‘Creatively we just felt the carrot could talk to this perfectly – which might sound left-field, but with the simplicity, humour and delightful sense of irreverence, we actually found consumers quickly get the message.”

Richard Lees said: “There’s a line in the new ad – just as nature intended – which sums it up for Huckleberry. We love it because everything we offer really is straight out of nature. We just have to make sure we don’t get in the way.”


Client: Huckleberry
Chief Executive: Richard Lees
Marketing Manager: Sarah Brosnahan
Agency: Rainger & Rolfe
Account Management: Jen Rolfe and Sarah Busfield
Creative, Copy, Design, gfx: Alex Hughes and Yasin Karadeniz
Producer: Peter Mayo
Edit: James Hutchinson.

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