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After 25 years of supporting queer & gender-diverse (LGBT) young people, NZ charity Rainbow Youth has taken to TV for the first time with a spot that challenges negative connotations around the use of the word ‘gay’.

The tvc stars are two down-on-the-farm Kiwi blokes – and a cold pie. The storyline was created by Y&R NZ and shot by Eight, with support from MediaWorks.

The campaign is part of a wider mentoring programme where the MediaWorks Foundation works offers strategic and marketing advice, culminating in a brand piece supported with free MediaWorks network placements.

MediaWorks Foundation approached the agency to develop the Rainbow Youth campaignfor television, radio and online.

Eight and director Jamie Lawrence donated their resources to bring the campaign to life, along with Franklin Rd who came to the party with audio.

“Some of NZ’s best acting talent, film crew and post techns clambered aboard the love boat to help bring Y&R’s script to life.”

Rainbow Youth’s Frances Arns said: “We are really impressed with the creativity and commitment that has gone into this project from Y&R, Eight and the MediaWorks Foundation.

Eight executive producer Katie Millington said: “This was a total love project for us. When Y&R approached Jamie Lawrence and I with this script, it was a no-brainer. It’s a great piece of copy writing that deftly handles the issue of subconscious bigotry.

“Not surprisingly some of New Zealand’s best acting talent, film crew and post production technicians clambered aboard the love boat to help bring the script to life.”

MediaWorks Sarah Cotter said: “The hope with this campaign is that it gets people talking by highlighting the casual homophobia that is all too prevalent in this day and age. The MediaWorks Foundation is very proud to be a part of this important project and salutes Y&R on nailing the creative execution.”

Y&R CEO/CCO Josh Moore said: “There’s no better feeling than being part of a campaign that makes the world a little bit better. A massive thank you to the teams at Eight, Franklin Rd and Toybox.”


Client: RainbowYOUTH
Executive Director: Frances Arns.
Communications Manager: Toni Duder
Communications and Office Coordinator: Anahera Foley-Paama
Agency: Y&R
CCO/CEO: Josh Moore
Managing Director: Jono Key
Creative Directors: Guy Denniston, Gavin Siakimotu
Creatives: Arizona Doolan, Lizzie Baird, Sam Deane
Planner: Craig McLeod
Head of Creative Operations: Sarah Hobden
Head of TV Production: Anna Kennedy
Production Company: Eight
Director: Jamie Lawrence
Executive Producer: Katie Millington
Production Manager: Tim Costa
Wardrobe: Miranda Raman
Casting Director: Kate McGill
DOP: Duncan Cole
Camera Equipment: Imagezone
Post Production: Toybox
Colourist: Andrew Brown
Audio Post: Franklin Road
Sound Design: Shane Taipari
Cast: Nigel: Hayden Weal, Dave: Jatinder Singh, Muzz: Sam Snedden, Steve: Sydney Jackson
Radio VO Talent: Richard Simpson & Sam Deane
MediaWorks: Charlotte McLauchlan, Smeta Chhotu-Patel

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