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The 24th New York Festivals Global Awards 2018 competition is now open for entries, celebrating the best work in Healthcare & Wellness and Pharma (Rx) Advertising.

The Global Awards has unveiled a triple threat of updates designed to elevate the competition. For 2018, the Globals has launched a multi-tiered pricing incentive created to reward entrants for early submissions; streamlined all competitions and categories to provide a more user-friendly entry process; and expanded trophy opportunities to include Gold, Silver and Bronze level recognition.

Global Awards executive director Fran Pollarosaid: “The addition of Gold, Silver and Bronze Global Awards recognize the fact that although winning submissions have always held the Global distinction, now entrants will be able to see how their Global-winning work fared against the other creative Global-winning work in the competition, and the distinctions will obviously play a role in the crowning of Agency of the Year and Network of the Year, which is exciting.”

Mirroring the evolving trends within the healthcare/wellness sphere, the Global Awards invites entrants to embrace this year’s theme: Feel Creative to represent creative empathy. 

“The Global Awards recognizes that the power of creativity in today’s world is universally connected to empathy.”

Global Awards chairwoman Elizabeth Elfenbein said: “We’re experiencing the disruption era in healthcare. With the convergence of science, creativity and technology, it’s enabling an open platform for ideas and innovation. One that has the potential to make its customers feel things like they’ve never imagined.

“The Global Awards recognizes that the power of creativity in today’s world is universally connected to empathy. We’re excited to bring an experiential event to life that celebrates this mantra at our awards show in November.”

All entries into the 2018 Global Awards will be judged by the competition’s two-tiered jury process, the online Grand Jury and the live Executive Consumer and Pharma (Rx) Juries.

The 2018 Executive and Grand Juries will be announced in the coming weeks.

The 2018 Global Award winners will be announced this November.

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