NZ & Australia control 2% of global adspend – but 19% of world’s most effective campaigns

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Australia and New Zealand make up a tiny percentage of global advertising spend, but constitute almost one fifth of the world’s most effective campaigns, according to Warc Asia’s Ed Pank, speaking at the mUmBRELLA360 conference in Sydney yesterday.

The two countries make up just 2% of global adspend combined, but 19% of the Warc 100, an index of the world’s best performing campaigns at effectiveness awards.

By contrast, Asia controls almost a third of global adspend through huge markets such as China and Japan, but makes up just 18% of the Warc 100.

Pank attributed the gulf between spend and Warc 100 performance to much of Asia being “a more nascent marketing environment” than others such as North America and Europe. “As individual countries, Australia and New Zealand punch well above their weight in the index,” he said.

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