NZ dairies enter the POS screen age

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The Hypermedia Group is building a network of integrated POS video screens in over 200 dairies throughout NZ.

The establishment of The Dairy Network takes Hypermedia’s screen technology, already enjoyed in Countdown supermarkets, into the convenience store sector. The screens do more than ads and promos – they also tidy up what is usually a mish-mash of printed promos at a crowded dairy counter.

Hypermedia sees the new service as an advertising opportunity for the New Zealand FMCG industry.

“Convenience store advertising forms an important part of many FMCG channel strategies the world over, and now with the addition of hundreds of digital advertising screens in more than 200 dairy and convenience stores across the country, New Zealand suppliers are able to influence shoppers to purchase their products at the push of a button,” says Hypermedia CEO Belinda Freeman.

“Being able to deliver our FMCG clients a multi-channel solution was always part of the original vision for the Hypermedia business and we are really happy to have taken another step towards realizing that goal.”

Until recently Hypermedia’s advertising solutions were exclusively available within Countdown supermarkets, where a wide range of formats designed to influence shoppers are on offer to FMCG marketers who recognise the importance and power of in-store media.

“It’s a widely accepted Shopper Marketing principle that the right message, presented to a shopper at the right moment along the in-store path to purchase can drive notable lifts in sales,” Freeman says. “We have applied that same theory to the New Zealand convenience channel by providing a medium designed to maximise the dairy shopping experience.”

The Diary Network’s digital screens can be used to play animated graphic advertisements, or short eight-second TVC-style clips, depending on the client’s preference and desired outcome.

“From a creative perspective, we advise our clients to carefully tailor their messaging to appeal to the impulsive convenience shopper by using eye catching visual elements to cut through the POS clutter at a critical time whilst at the till,” says Freeman. “Dedication to implementing proven shopper marketing techniques within Countdown has yielded some impressive results for our clients, which is knowledge we can now pass on to brands for whom conveniences stores are an integral part of the their sales growth strategy.

Officially underway as of September1, Hypermedia’s Dairy Network is currently running its first convenience campaign for Spark telecommunications promoting its rebrand and prepay sim card range available at checkout.

“We were really excited to kick off our first convenience store campaign with The Dairy Network” said Spark FMCG manager Hamish Egen. “The opportunity to advertise right at the point of purchase to impulse shoppers was a very compelling proposition for us and we look forward to seeing sales data at campaign completion”

Access to post campaign data has always been a key selling point for Hypermedia’s business within Countdown and they are pleased to be able to offer the same service for campaigns executed across The Dairy Network.

Belinda Freeman says: “ROI is imperative with any media and marketing activity.  Data plays a critical role in verifying an uplift in activity for both the brand and the category. Post campaign analysis is the best way to glean insights that will improve the performance of future activity. “

Looking to the future The Hypermedia Group look to increase their coverage of convenience based channels by applying learning’s from The Dairy Network into other channels. “We want to offer an all encompassing solution for the New Zealand FMCG industry and advertisers targeting shoppers. Belinda says. Expanding our coverage is a natural progression for us to provide advertisers with relevant and meaningful in-store media solutions.

  • Belinda Freeman from The Dairy Network can be contacted at any time to discuss campaign strategies and rate card pricing options on 021897 954 or by email at

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