NZ deaf video goes global

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The video produced by Auckland agency The Business for the National Foundation for the Deaf has gone viral and is creating a global conversation about the unfairness about not having captioning legislated in NZ.

“People from all over the world having chipped in and signed the online petition at Change.Org,” says The Business strategy director Ben Cochrane.

“Here’s the story since you ran the article in M+AD last month …

“On a budget of exactly $0, we launched the campaign on Friday 9 October and several hours later it was featured, in full, on the Crowd Goes Wild. With no marketing or PR investment, the message spread and within 12 hours had front page presence on, and

“By Sunday, NFD ceo Louise Carroll was interviewed on Mark Sainsbury’s Sunday show on RadioLIVE. On Monday she was interviewed by The Breeze. By Tuesday it had gone international, appearing on Fox News and UK news sites and by Thursday was trending on key sports and news blogs like The Bleacher Report in the UK.

“By Wednesday it was the most-watched video on and on Thursday it was the lead sports video on the Irish Independent newspaper’s website. It continues to trend on twitter.

“Now the Daily Mail in the UK. Unfortunately they cropped the video (given credit on Youtube) and have not included a link to the petition. But heh, it’s publicity :).”

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